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Products from Sellus Korea Sellus is the company, producing harmonious goods which are helpful for the life by properly combining energy.


We have goals to satisfy all customers who use our products. Thus, we put our great efforts to make superior therapy and services than any other companies. Please always watch and see us that we put the fisrt priority for the life and keep the right way for our customers.


There are no chemical material in any of out products, and We always stick to nature-derived ingredients. In the case of health stone products, there is secret recipes to combine materials. Sellus Health Stone products maintain a wave of 7.8 to 8.5 microns, similar to the frequency of the human body.

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Themal Therapy

Happy Serapis's hyperthermia is a well-made product that boosts the basal body temperature to maximize immunity and self-repair capabilities and boost cell activity.

For Beauty and Helath

Activate blood circulation, immune cells and self-repairing cells, and use both cosmetic and essential oils, which are made from only natural materials that do not have any chemicals, to get both health and beauty.

Happy Mon & Kids

Serapis' mother and baby programs are special. If you take the therapy, you can know the difference at once. Because the mother's body is trying to keep her health in the most sensitive sense. So you can feel good therapy for your mother.

Happy Serapis Therapy


Happy Serapis Therapy

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Happy Serapis Therapy

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